Thursday, July 22, 2010

Could all of this be the reason China is going over to the gold standard?

McChrystal-MacArthur deja vu all over again (timing is everything, eh?)
McChrystal / MacArthur: Deja vu all over again? Stokes Young says: Six months after their 1950 meeting on Wake Island, Truman fired MacArthur. Now, eight months after their meeting on Air Force One, McChrystal is being summoned to Washington, his professional fate unclear. In this video from MSNBC TV's The Daily Rundown, NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell says:

"I think it crosses the line of insubordination and it crosses the line of the Military Code of Justice. He has challenged the Commander-in-Chief and legally, morally, ethically, professionally, he ought to be canned. Now the question is whether practically you can fire the top commander at a time when the war is [...] in a very bad stage." -Watch

WHY why why
Another expert, Ryu Seok-jin, professor of political science at Sogang University, said that Pyongyang may have carried out the attack as part of efforts to tie down China to its side.

“If the Cheonan was sunk under the orders of Kim Jong-il, it may have involved more of a strategic intention rather than a military one, and it is likely to be a message to Beijing,” Ryu said at a local conference on inter-Korean relations on Tuesday (May 25).

General Intelligence Bureau
EXCERPT:Cabinet General Intelligence Bureau
The majority of the North Korean intelligence agencies are within the Cabinet General Intelligence Bureau of the Korean Worker's Party Central Committee.

The Liaison Department is responsible for conducting intelligence operations in South Korea and Japan. Its agents are used to undermine the South Korean government by supporting internal subversion and to gather information on U.S. forces in Korea.

The Research Department for External Intelligence (RDEI) is the primary agency responsible for foreign intelligence collection. The RDEI is composed of four geographic subsections, one of which is North America.
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What does it mean
[Note: So enraged was MacArthur against President Truman that rumors swirled that the World War II hero general was going to disobey his President’s orders and nuke Chinese forces anyway, and which when heard by Truman caused him to fire one of the arguably most famous generals in the history of the United States.]

42 page PDF of Cheonan sinking

Battle of Daecheong wikipedia
After the battle, the South Korea patrol boat had suffered only superficial damage (reportedly 15 bullet marks on the ship's side) with no casualties, while the North Korea patrol boat was left partially destroyed. Though there was no official announcement from North Korea, a news agency in South Korea reported a rumor that North Korea suffered four casualties (1 KIA / 3 WIA).[6] On the other hand, a defector said about 10 North Korean sailors were killed in action.[7] The Korean Central News Agency (North Korea) pressed South Korea to apologize for the violation.[5]

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