Thursday, July 29, 2010

I've heard tell that this wedding is costing between 3-5,000,000. Hmmmmmm and I think that money has been made illegaly so mi thinks it is OUR business. TAXPAYERS are surely paying for it one way or the other, eh?

Chelsea's wedding will be a hidden secretive affair
Chelsea Clinton is getting married this weekend -- not that she thinks that's any of your business.

Is Obama distancing himself from the Clintons -He won't be attending Chelsea's wedding
Well, now we know who won't be attending Chelsea Clinton's wedding on Saturday – wherever it takes place.

That would be President Obama. Asked at the end of Monday's White House press briefing if the president would be at the nuptials for Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky, Robert Gibbs answered "no." Previously, Gibbs had said he didn't know if the president would attend.

So, that much is clear, even if little else is. The wedding of the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mezvinsky, himself the offspring of former politicians, will reportedly take place at the estate of John Jacob Astor, Astor Courts, in Rhinebeck, N.Y. But confirmation of that, along with many other details, has been hard to come by. The guest list is expected to number between 400 and 500 people, and the tab for the "wedding of the decade" could top $2 million.

13 Illuminati Bloodlines 1st name on list is Astor
The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines

The Astor Bloodline.
The Bundy Bloodline.
The Collins Bloodline.
The DuPont Bloodline.
The Freeman Bloodline.
The Kennedy Bloodline.
The Li Bloodline.
The Onassis Bloodline.
The Rockefeller Bloodline.
The Rothschild Bloodline.
The Russell Bloodline.
The Van Duyn Bloodline.
The Merovingian Bloodline.
The Disney Bloodline.
The Reynolds bloodline.

Seventeen little children youtube
Chelsea says question on Monica Lewinsky is none of our business youtube

Chelsea's future father in law attending wedding????
Mezvinsky, 73, was convicted in 2003 of several acts of fraud. Prosecutors called him a one-man "crime wave" who routinely pulled business scams that netted him $10 million in ill-gotten loot.

He said that after his 2008 release from federal prison he rebuilt his relationship with Marc and the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Bill Clinton wants a NWO and the bombing of a wedding in Afghanistan by American troops is what the NWO is all about, eh?
July 7, 2008

Afghan inquiry into American bombing of 'wedding party'Tom Coghlan in Kabul Afghan officials are investigating reports from a remote area of eastern Afghanistan that US warplanes bombed a wedding party this morning, killing more than 20 civilians including women and children.

The incident in Deh Bala, a mountainous district of Nangahar Province very close to the Pakistan border, is the second alleged episode of “collateral damage” involving American aircraft in three days.

Chelsea Clinton getting married
Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is marrying Marc Mezvinsky this Saturday in a ceremony that will be attended by Barack Obama, Barbra Streisand, and Oprah Winfrey. Here's what to expect from the nuptials:

Misguided toast from drunk uncle about Chelsea's "ugly years"
Continuing a White House tradition, Chelsea will wear the famous wedding dress worn by such former first daughters as Jenna Bush, Caroline Kennedy, Tricia Nixon, and Margaret Truman
An ultimately unsuccessful but surprisingly robust challenge from the wedding of Ross Perot's daughter
Photo booth manned by Annie Leibovitz
Countless requests to have groom pointed out
Janet Reno finally catching the bouquet
Liberal elite drowning themselves in the fruit borne of overtaxing the middle-class
A self-indulgent New York Times Weddings section write-up to end all self-indulgent New York Times Weddings section write-ups

Bill Clinton and the NWO youtube

Bill Clinton, "How Dare You" youtube

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