Thursday, July 22, 2010

N. Korea an enemy made in the USA videos
Lew Rockwell hit the nail square on the head. “In the most recent Korean incident, did the North’s navy sink a ship of the South’s navy? Only one thing is for sure: it is none of the US’s business, which should immediately end its long occupation of the South,” he writes. “But since the empire seeks to rule the world and beyond, everything is its business, and it looks as if the chickenhawk Obama may be about to launch a second Korean war.”

N. Korean beer summit w/Willy Boy Clinton
Asked about the upcoming Beer Summit, Bill Clinton stated, "I want to make it clear: we don't deal with tyrants and terrorists; we have dinner and a movie. Maybe a glass or two of Thunderbird. Go halfsies on a hooker. And, of course, a beer. But no deals whatsoever."

Clinton cited logistical difficulties, explaining that "Due to the lack of cell phone reception in North Korea, we weren't able to actually talk to (Kim Jong-Il), so we're just going over to surprise him. Does anyone here know if he likes Coors or Bud?"

The beer finally chosen was Lucky Lager. "There was a sale at Circle K," said Clinton. "Always trying to save the American taxpayers some money, that's me."

After former president Clinton returned home with the two American prisoners, President Obama praised the success of his foreign policy as he read the following message from his new teleprompter: "There's just no telling just how far we can take this. We can achieve peace in the Middle East. Imagine, if you will, Muslim and Jew, with beer in hand. And me in the middle, topping off the mugs."

Chung Mong-Hun wikipedia
Scandal and suicide
Chung was indicted in June 2003 for his role in the Cash-for-summit scandal on charges of doctoring company books to hide the secret money transfers of hundreds of millions of dollars by the Kim Dae Jung administration to North Korea to set up the historic North-South presidential summit in 2000. Facing up to three years in prison and apparently shamed after he was forced to testify in court about the secret money transfer days earlier, he committed suicide on August 4, 2003 by leaping from his 12th floor office.[1] Police claimed he left several suicide notes. He was reported to have apologized for his suicide, and claimed "everything is my fault". He had been accused of secretly transferring millions of dollars to the North Korean government. Buddhist monks presided over the last rites conducted during his funeral.[2][3][4]

Suicide in the Koreas
. Korea: Hyundai Asan Chairman Commits Suicide (update)
Chosun Ilbo ( ^ | Aug.4,2003 | Youm Kang-su, Chae Sung-jin

Posted on Monday, August 04, 2003 4:48:30 AM by TigerLikesRooster
Hyundai Asan Chairman Commits Suicide
by Youm Kang-su ( and by Chae Sung-jin (

Chung Mong-hun, the Hyundai Asan chairman who was implicated in the secret transfer of money to North Korean before the June 2000 inter-Korean summit, killed himself early Monday morning by jumping out of his company office on the 12th floor of Hyundai group's head office building in Gye-dong, downtown Seoul, police and company officials said. Mong-hun had been under investigation over the "cash-for-summit" scandal and an allegation that he raised a W15 billion political slush fund.

The sinking of the Cheonan in March 2010 by N. Korea
On Friday, the U.N. Security Council adopted a presidential statement that implied Pyongyang's responsibility for the sinking but fell short of directly laying blame. It also called for the resumption of diplomatic efforts to resolve outstanding issues on the peninsula.

North Korea on Saturday called the statement "devoid of any proper judgment and conclusion," but said it will "make consistent efforts for the conclusion of a peace treaty and denuclearization" through six-party negotiations on the country's nuclear programs.

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