Monday, July 19, 2010

The Poverty Pimps

The Violence and Corruption is Structural, Global

CBS News investigated the 5 major Haiti charities - CARE, the American Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, and the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund - and found that they had collected vast amounts of monies for the emergency in Haiti but did not use but a fraction of it to ease the people's emergency sufferings, claiming the 80 to over 90% emergency monies still in their coffers, four months after the earthquake, were for "future projects." Thing is, many Haitians will have no future. When you're having a heart attack, it's an emergency and if the ambulance gets there months in the future, you're dead already. These folks know this. That's why we say they're letting the people die.

That's part of what Ezili's HLLN means when we write about the "poverty pimps masturbating on Black pain."

Report from the ground Haiti 6 months later
Rather than write something ourselves about the situation in Haiti I asked one of the fantastic people that we've met while in Haiti to give a real life view of what has happened (or hasn't happened) six months after the earthquake hit Haiti.

Make up your own mind...

Not a lot has changed. More to the point, nothing has changed.
Haiti 6 months after the quake is Haiti 1 month after the quake.
All the money that poured into the country, all the aid and supplies - hijacked by the people who have all the money and needn't ever worry about having to die in a flooded tent camp. It is common knowledge here what has happened to all the money. It's the same thing that always happens to money here - it goes straight to the folks who already have enough of it ( money ) that they control the country. And as for material goods, well... There has to be some kind of token display put on at least, but just enough to placate and maintain a fragile illusion of hope for Haitians.

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