Sunday, July 18, 2010

Janet Pomeroy Avery related to Dulles Brothers
Hitler enthusiast circa 1934, Secretary of State under Eisenhower, Boards of Carnegie & Rockefeller Foundations; founding member Council on Foreign Relations.

Married Janet Pomeroy Avery, of the Pomeroy (NY) & Avery (New England/NY) banking families (e.g. as in William AVERY Rockefeller & Henry POMEROY Davison of JP Morgan).

Her maternal grandfather was a banker, Congressman (1861-1869) & the first VP & Counsel of American Express. He was from Auburn NY, home of the Auburn Theological Seminary, where his father had been a divinity student.

Janet Avery's paternal grandfather was a utilities investor & president of the First National Bank of Auburn. His wife was a daughter of the NY banker-philanthropist Najah Taylor.

Taylor's Seamen's Bank was incorporated 1829 NYC. Its 23 owner-incorporators included Anson Greene Phelps, founder of Phelps-Dodge, originally a company which shipped cotton to England in trade for metals, soon a stand-alone mining & lumber company with international operations. The Bisbee Deportation (1917) was the work of Phelps-Dodge.

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