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I'm wondering now if Don Imus was somehow set up to say what he said to get him off the air??? hmmmmmmm, and the reason I'm saying that is it seems Joe Scarborough took over his place??? hmmmmmm, and Mika whaterface is the daughter of what his face and he's a well known intelligent crook in the highest places in the land. Simply consider it, eh?

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Recently Don Imus slagged Scarborough with a question from left field: "You said you had sex with that intern and then you had to kill her."

Scarborough, laughing, replied, "Yeah, well what are you gonna do?"

On Imus, of course, it's difficult to tell the humor from the rest of the nastiness

Joe Scarborough slams misinformation spread Chris Matthews show video inside
Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough on Thursday attacked misinformation spread by a guest during a segment on the previous day's "Hardball." Ex-CIA agent Bob Baer appeared on Chris Matthews' program on Wednesday to claim that no information was gained from waterboarding and that using the practice on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed left the terrorist "almost brain dead." Scarborough derided this kind of comment as "vomit[ing] out bad information" and later apologized if people were confused by Baer. [Audio available here]

Scarborough is a liar
MSNBC's Scarborough falsely claimed news outlets proved Dean wrong on Abramoff and Democrats
January 12, 2006 1:28 pm ET

SUMMARY: MSNBC's Joe Scarborough characterized a factually accurate statement by Howard Dean -- that no congressional Democrats had received campaign contributions from lobbyist Jack Abramoff -- as a "snow job," and falsely claimed that The Washington Post and "other news outlets" had proven Dean's statement wrong. In fact, Dean's statement in an appearance on CNN was entirely accurate, and neither CNN nor the Post has challenged or refuted it.

Markos Moulitsas banned
Writing on his blog, Moulitsas said that he felt Scarborough was inflating a non-story. So he shot back on his own Twitter feed, writing, "Like story of a certain dead intern," a reference to the death of Scarborough's staffer, Lori Klausutis, in 2001, when Scarborough was still in Congress.

Joe Scarborough wikipedia
Resignation and controversy
Scarborough announced his intent to resign to spend more time with his children five months into his fourth term in Congress. "The realization has come home to me that they're at a critical stage of their lives and I would rather be judged at the end of my life as a father than as a congressman," Scarborough said.[19] A special election was held to replace him.

On July 20, 2001, Scarborough's constituent services coordinator, Lori Klausutis, age 28, died after hitting her head on a desk when she fainted while apparently alone in Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach, Florida, office.[20] According to Scarborough, soon after her death, allegations "spread all over the Internet" that he had been involved,[20][21] although there was no evidence of foul play. In 2003, he joked about the incident with Don Imus on Imus' radio program[22]. In 2004, it was the subject of a public spat between Scarborough and filmmaker Michael Moore.[23] and in 2010, mentioning the incident in his Twitter feed saw Markos Moulitsas banned from MSNBC.[24]

Morning Joe guy
Who Is MSNBC Anchor Joe Scarborough?

While the media was obsessed with Chandra Levy, another congressional staffer was found dead in then-representative and current MSNBC talk-show host Joe Scarborough's office. Unlike Gary Condit, Scarborough got a free ride from the press.

Report by Denis Wright

In the morning of July 20, 2001, the body of Lori Klausutis, who had worked as an aide to Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough for approximately two years, was found in Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach, Florida, office. There were no witnesses to Klausutis's death. According to Anna Dobbins, a producer at WEAR-TV, Joe was on the phone with the local ABC affiliate in Pensacola within three hours of the discovery of the body, and before the family was notified, to say that "a young woman had died in his office and that she had a complicated medical history, specifically surrounding 'stroke and epilepsy.'" The congressman and his advisor, Mick Serrano, made similar calls to two other local media outlets within hours of the body's discovery. According to Dobbins and others, about a week later, after the Klausutis family wrote an excoriating letter to a local paper, Serrano called back to ask that they stop reporting the "complicated health history." Joe, they were now correctly told, had spoken in error. Klausutis-a marathon runner, 28 years old and happily married-had been in great shape. Her "complicated health" began only on the night that she died, and its "history" surfaced primarily because of Joe's misinformation.

Joe Scarborough on Colbert video doesn't work (Huffington Post)
Joe Scarborough On Colbert: "I Actually Got A Thousand Dollar Check" From Abramoff...

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