Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sarah Palin was pregnant when she married, why not focus on that instead of using her daughter's experience
Again, Joe and I aren't very comfortable discussing these kind of issues because, honestly, we don't care when Sarah Palin's son was conceived. But Sarah Palin and John McCain and James Dobson care very much about the conception of your children. James Dobson, the very man McCain is wooing, himself decided that Mary Cheney's out of wedlock conception was worthy of an entire commentary in TIME magazine only 18 months ago. It is at least fair to ask that Sarah Palin meet the James Dobson/Mary Cheney standard, and clarify for James Dobson and values voters everywhere whether her actions match her words.

Johnston 'Palin is just a fame whore'
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Levi Johnston made quite a name for himself by impregnating that Palin daughter (NOT PIPER YOU MONSTERS) and then going on the Larry King Live occasionally and grunting out a few monosyllables in between commercial breaks. “Yes. No. I don’t know.” But yesterday he held a NEWS CONFERENCE at his lawyer’s office to reveal the SHOCKING TRUE SECRET behind his ex-girlfriend’s mom’s resignation from the Alaska governorship.
“She had talked about how nice it would be to take some of this money people had been offering us and you know just run with it, say ‘forget everything else,’” he said.
Johnston: Palin Is Just A Fame Whore

Bristol Palin to earn 14,000$ speakers fee
Bristol Palin is following in her mother's footsteps, at least in so far as lucrative public speaking gigs go.

The 19-year-old daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will earn $14,000 when she speaks in Louisville, Ky., Sept. 8, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. The occasion is a fundraiser to benefit Lifehouse, a home for single mothers. Bristol knows the topic well: Her 2008 pregnancy drew the national spotlight when her mother campaigned for vice president as John McCain's running mate. She gave birth to son Tripp in December of that year and has had a highly publicized on-and-off relationship with Levi Johnston, the toddler's father.

This won't be Bristol's first experience in public speaking. Earlier this summer, she signed with a speaker's bureau, which has made her available for conferences and fundraisers as well as women's, youth, abstinence and ''pro-life'' programs. She's made public service announcements for Candie's Foundation, an organization that encourages teens to delay pregnancy, and has appeared on ABC Family's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" in an episode centered on teen pregnancy.

Bristol Palin
(Reuters) - Teen mom Bristol Palin has broken off her engagement to Levi Johnston for a second time -- less than a month after telling the world she planned to marry the father of her young son.

The 19-year-old daughter of politician Sarah Palin was quoted on Tuesday as telling People magazine "It's over. I broke up with him."

She said her on-again, off-again relationship with Johnston, 20, soured on July 14 -- the day the couple announced in rival celebrity magazine Us Weekly that they had secretly become engaged again and planned to marry soon.

Dancing with the stars
Bristol Palin
Pro Dance Partner: Mark Ballas

It was only two years ago that we first met Bristol Palin, former first daughter of Alaska. We know she’s tough enough to survive rough Alaskan winters, but is she ready to face Bruno, Carrie Ann, and Len?

Bristol first entered the national spotlight when her mother, former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was selected to be John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 Presidential election. Bristol traveled the country alongside her mother, father and siblings on the campaign trail.

After giving birth to her son Tripp, and becoming a single teen mother in 2008, Palin became a spokesperson for the prevention of teen pregnancy and other teen issues. As an advocate for the protection of life, Palin wanted to share her story with other teens who may one day face a similar situation. Palin also acts as Teen Ambassador for The Candie’s Foundation, to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy. As part of her campaign, Palin recently guest starred as herself on an episode of ABC Family’s teenage drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Palin resides in Alaska with her son and family.

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