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You wouldn't read about it
In the fictional account, Michael Macasero is a Filipino-American attracted to Hong Kong to manage a hedge fund. The novel excerpt opens with Macasero's body found in Hong Kong's red light district, murdered in his mid 30s.

In real life, Matthew Nguyen Littauer was a Vietnamese American who was working to establish Trio Capital and appeared on the board of its Australian owner in 2003. He was stabbed to death in the Tokyo red light district of Roppongi, aged 34.

Murder intrigue and missing millions
In 2004, Wright Global also had as a director a Vietnamese-American, Matthew Nguyen Littauer. A 1998 Securities and Exchange Commission document shows Littauer was president of PCS.

In December 2004, Littauer, 34, was stabbed to death in the Tokyo red-light district of Roppongi. Police were reported to have been unable to solve the case.

Dark privatised social security story
My involvement was detailed today in the Sydney Morning Herald (see stories here, here and here, with the first story on the front page below the fold). There was no genius in my letter – everything could be found (fairly easily) on the internet – and the original tip-off came from a reader of my blog – who noticed links with a story I wrote up in March 2009.

Blogger who blew the whistle on hedge fund
WHEN John Hempton started a blog as he recovered from pneumonia, he did not expect to send shockwaves through the finance industry.

But that is exactly what the 42-year-old fund manager did through his Bronte Capital blog. His exposé of an unrelated US hedge fund would eventually lead to $426 million in investments being frozen and authorities seizing control of the Albury fund manager Trio Capital shortly before Christmas.

Investigators are focused on the fate of $118 million in Trio's Astarra Strategic Fund, which is supposed to be invested in international hedge funds through a British Virgin Islands company.

Trio from the boiler room into the fire
Pacific Continental Securities has been associated with ''boiler room'' or pressure tactics since the late 1990s, as it sold microcap companies to investors.

It has been mentioned in academic papers examining the sale of practically worthless US companies to offshore investors. Its British arm, established in 2001, collapsed in June 2007, and last year its chief executive was banned and fined £80,000

Leighton Holdings wikipedia
Leighton Holdings (ASX: LEI) is Australia's largest project development and contracting group.[1] It is active in the telecommunications, engineering and infrastructure, building and property, mining and resources, and environmental services industries. It has operations in Australia, South East Asia, New Zealand, Vietnam, China and the Middle East.

Leighton wins A$800 mln Gorgon LNG contract
SYDNEY, Sept 23 | Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:24pm IST
(Reuters) - Australia's biggest building contractor, Leighton Holdings Ltd (LEI.AX), has won a contract worth more than A$800 million ($766 million) to carry out works on Chevron Corp's (CVX.N) massive Gorgon gas-export project. The Gorgon liquefied natural gas project in west Australia is worth a total of around A$43 billion and backed by Chevron and its partners ExxonMobil (XOM.N) and Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L).

Leighton said on Thursday the new contract was in addition to an earlier Gorgon contract it had secured to build a jetty. ($1=1.045 Australian Dollar) (Reporting by Mark Bendeich; Editing by Balazs Koranyi)

The façade of the greater temple at Abu Simbel, moved to escape the rising Nile. The cliff behind the temple is artificial, and was created to allow the temple to be moved to a higher location.Hochtief Aktiengesellschaft (officially typeset HOCHTIEF) is Germany's largest construction company.[2] It is based in Essen but operates globally, ranking as the top general builder in the United States through its Turner Corporation subsidiary, and in Australia through the Leighton Group.[3] In 2006 it employed more than 46,000 employees across five corporate divisions. One of these, Hochtief AirPort, is a major airport operator. The others are involved with construction project planning, finance, construction and operation.[2] Work done in 2006 was €16,72 billion, with more than 80% coming from operations outside Germany.[4]

The following article may be in either this blog or one done yesterday but I thought it relevant to repost as it shows Biden's connection.
Astarra shares Hong Kong link to broking
blew the whistle on concerns related to Astarra Strategic, said he first looked at Astarra because of its purported links to a US hedge fund, Paradigm Global.

Paradigm Global, an investor in funds of hedge funds, is owned by Hunter Biden, the son of the US Vice-President, Joe Biden, and James Biden, the Vice-President's brother.

Trio problems are a failure on the part of its gatekeepers

Trio capital intrigue stranger than fiction
Stuart Washington
April 8, 2010
BILLED as a ''crime fiction novel set against the background of Australia's trillion-dollar superannuation industry'', self-published author David Morisset sets up a racy story.

This super thriller has lost the plot
The literary and investment communities are mourning the loss of some passages of David Morisset's cracking yarn Lockhart Road from his blog.

Lockhart Road is a ''crime fiction novel set against the background of Australia's trillion-dollar superannuation industry'' that centres on a fictional firm in Hong Kong called Triadica Securities.

Alerts overseas
Unauthorised overseas firms operating in the UK

The template below can be used by listed firms in shareholder mailings.

Template [PDF]
The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) sets out one of the FSA’s regulatory objectives as protecting consumers.
This warning list includes unauthorised overseas firms that the FSA has received complaints about in respect of their activities and/or the FSA has reason to believe they are involved, or have been involved in, activities that contravene section 19 and/or 21 of FSMA.

FAQ known boiler room activities August 2005
Boiler Rooms Active In The UK

Advantage IEC: (Switzerland?)
Contact details advertised in May 2005: Tel: 0870 712 0555, Address: Rue du Rhone 14 Geneva 1204 Switzerland.
Known to be targeting UK individuals and trying to sell shares of New Millenium Medical, see:
Also pushing Remmington Ventures, see:
The FSA have warned about Advantage IEC here:

Anderson Fitzpatrick (Switzerland) - see Langley Advisory Services

Arthur Forbes: (Belgium?)
Contact details advertised in April 2005: Tel: 0870 881 0830, Fax: 0870 881 0831, Address: Bastion Tower, Level 20 & 21, 5 Place du Champ de mars, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
Pushing "In Time Group" shares in April 2005, see:
Note that Arthur Forbes is believed to be a new name for Kensington Price Consulting ( as the Arthur Forbes website contains references to this boiler room.

Argus International
Pushing shares in Echo Resources, see:

Lawsystem Co. UK
The emblem of Zetland Financial Group, a British Virgin Islands company, is now being used by Zetland Fiduciary Group, a company registered in Belize, Central America, in June 2008.

The website of Zetland Fiduciary Group describes it as ”working with a select group of individuals and corporations to achieve their objectives in a cost-effective, private and conservative manner”.

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