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1995 article on Ruby Ridge
In a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, Idaho Senator Larry Craig asked: “When does the Department of Justice consider it acceptable to fire on an armed citizen first - even if he or she is not threatening the life of any other person - and ask questions later? I am not alone in believing that firearms restrictions do not prevent violent crime; it is appalling that in this case, the enforcement of such restrictions actually led to the sacrifice of three lives. In this sense comparisons drawn between the north Idaho action and the Waco case are inevitable and deeply troubling.”

Larry Craig v Hillary Clinton
"There will come a day when there will not be a George W in the White House," Sen. Craig warned, after calling top conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday to explain his position. "And tragically enough, and I hope never, it could be a Hillary Clinton."

Craig wondered aloud: "Who will be her attorney general, and what might he or she do to your liberties and mine? There's the question."

The Idaho Republican told Limbaugh: "You know, I've been here a little while, and I remember Janet Reno, and I remember Waco and Ruby Ridge."

Larry Craig scandal
The Larry Craig scandal was an incident that began on June 11, 2007, with the arrest of Larry Craig—who at the time was a Senator from Idaho—for lewd conduct in a men's restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Craig later entered a guilty plea to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct on August 8.[1] As a result of the controversy surrounding his arrest, subsequent guilty plea, and pressure from his fellow Republicans,[2][3][4] Senator Craig announced his intention to resign from the Senate at a news conference on September 1, which was to become effective on September 30. After failing to withdraw his guilty plea, on October 4, Craig released a statement refusing to resign as senator for Idaho.

Larry Craig on Bill Clinton youtube

Lon Horiuchi APFN
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CRM THURSDAY, AUGUST 21, 1997 (202) 616-2777 TDD (202) 514-1888 JUSTICE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE REGARDING CHARGES FILED AGAINST LON HORIUCHI WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Following the filing of a state complaint against FBI agent Lon Horiuchi in Idaho today, the Justice Department said it will continue to pay for his legal representation. The Department also explained that when examining Horiuchi's conduct, federal prosecutors and Idaho prosecutors enforce different criminal laws, using different legal standards. Horiuchi was a member of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team involved in the August 1992, standoff at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. Since his 1995 appearance before Congress, and his involvement in a civil case, Horiuchi has received legal representation paid for by the Justice Department. On August 21, 1992, Deputy United States Marshal William Degan and Samuel Weaver were killed at Ruby Ridge, during a confrontation between the Marshals Service and Randall Weaver, Samuel Weaver, and Kevin Harris. The following day, Horiuchi fired two shots. The first shot struck and wounded Randall Weaver. The second shot struck both Vicki Weaver and Harris, killing Vicki Weaver instantly and wounding Harris. A stand-off between law enforcement and the occupants of the Weaver family cabin ultimately resulted in the surrender of Randall Weaver and Kevin Harris to the FBI. DIFFERENT STATE & FEDERAL STANDARDS FOR PROSECUTION The complaint against Horiuchi, unsealed today in an Idaho state court, accompanied a separate charge against Kevin Harris, who allegedly fatally shot Marshal Degan. In the state case, Idaho Boundary County prosecutor, Denise Woodbury, charged Horiuchi under Idaho's involuntary manslaughter statute, which makes it a crime to use a firearm recklessly, carelessly, or negligently. A different showing is required to prove a violation under federal law, which contains different standards than state law. A federal criminal investigation that concluded last week did not address the same issue as the state investigation, because no federal crime covers the reckless, careless, or negligent use of a firearm. The federal investigation, which involved hundreds of interviews and hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, concluded that the available evidence did not support a federal criminal prosecution of Horiuchi. The federal criminal investigation considered whether Agent Horiuchi violated federal civil rights law, and found that the critical element of willfulness necessary for a federal civil rights violation could not be established beyond a reasonable doubt. Such willfulness -- defined as knowing, intentional use of unreasonable force -- could not be made out against Horiuchi. In addition, the Idaho prosecutor's decision to charge Kevin Harris, alone, for the death of William Degan during the August 21, 1995, confrontation, is consistent with the federal criminal investigation's conclusion that the United States Marshals on the scene should not be the subject of federal prosecutions for their actions at Ruby Ridge. The Department also indicated last week that the findings of the federal criminal investigation were being furnished to the Department's Office of Professional Responsibility, which is considering what, if any, disciplinary sanctions should be imposed. The Justice Department and the FBI will continue to cooperate with Idaho law enforcement officials in their investigation. ### 97-342

The man in the Sierra 1 sniper post at Waco and the
Sierra 4 post at Ruby Ridge was FBI marksman Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi.

The story of the Waco tragedy actually begins on January 10, 1993 when Sixty Minutes aired a story titled "Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Harassment," exposing sexual harrasment within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF). When combined with a congressional funding battle, and the BATF's notification to news agencies to expect a big story out of Waco, it seems that the initial raid on the Mt. Carmel complex was a BATF publicity stunt.

FBI Shame at Ruby Ridge
Lon Horiuchi - FBI sniper at Ruby Ridge. Aug. 22 1992, Horiuchi fired a shot at a man ducking into the cabin. The shot killed Vicki Weaver as she stood inside the cabin behind the door, holding her infant daughter, Elisheba. The killing occurred on the second day of an 11 day standoff that began with a shoot out that killed the Weavers son Samuel, 14 and U.S. Deputy Marshal Willam Degan. The federal government, though, is leaping to Horiuchi’s defense, because he was obeying an order. But the Nuremberg and My Lai prosecutions have established that "I vas just following orders" is no excuse for killing innocent people. The license-to-kill orders were so outrageous that other FBI snipers at the scene -- for example, the SWAT team from Denver -- agreed among themselves that the license-to-kill order should not be obeyed. The Denver agents chose to disobey the unconstitutional order, and instead to stick with the traditional rules of engagement. Besides choosing to obey an illegal assassination order, Horiuchi lied under oath at Randy Weaver’s trial. Horiuchi claimed that he opened fire on Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris because the two men were threatening to shoot an FBI helicopter. But the trial judge found this testimony so blatantly false that he ordered the charges related to the testimony to be dismissed. (The helicopter was nowhere near where Weaver or Harris could have shot at it.) [The Ruby Ridge Prosecutions] Yesterday, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that FBI agent Charles Riley said all the way back in June 1993 that he heard shots fired from a sniper post occupied by agent Lon Horiuchi - The FBI's favorite hitman The head of one of the Midwest's largest taxpayer groups today named F.B.I. sniper Lon Horiuchi "Tax Villain of the Month" for crimes against U.S. citizens committed while collecting a salary paid by U.S. taxpayers. - Taxpayers Name F.B.I. Assassin Lon Horiuchi Tax Villain of the Month "put his name and face on every milk cartoon in the state along with his accomplices in the FBI, ATF, and Delta Force. - Wanted: Lon Horiuchi - Killer Horiuchi allegedly shot several Davidians as the attempted to flee their burning church.- Faces of Evil The FBI sniper who killed the wife of Randy Weaver is declared Immune from state prosecution, the federal appeals court ruled Wednesday. This ruling has the same effect as granting a license to kill with impunity to any government agency. In 1992 an FBI employee hired a killer by the name of Lon Horiuchi, who shot Vicki Weaver in the head with his 308 caliber high-powered telescoped equipped sniper rifle from 200 yards, while she held her nursing baby in her arms, killing her instantly.

Analyzing the Larry Craig Law and Order episode
by Jim Newell

1:32 pm January 31, 2008 No Comments 187 Views

Last night there was some episode of the popular teevee show Law & Order that may or may not have been about Larry Craig. It also may or may not have been about Barack Obama, Norman Hsu, and the murder of Vince Foster by Hillary Clinton! DID YOU SEE IT? I sure didn’t, but Intern Elise “Gossip Roundup” Rosen — who’s from L.A., just like the movie stars — for some reason did. She summarized the plot and “allegories” of the episode in a very formal G-chat conversation last night, despite my best attempts to make things incoherent. Read at your own risk, after the jump.

Elise: i just watch law and order
it started out being about larry craig
but then was about norman hsu
and basically made hillary look like a murderer

Jim: but there’s no fred thompson right?

Elise: no
there was also a barack obama character

Jim: how can they have political law and order without him?
oh god

Elise: yeah

Jim: was he a messiah or a crack dealer?

Elise: i mean, it was pretty ridiculous
he was also suspected of murdering people
i’m telling you, they made hillary look as if she had done it
like, killed 3 people
it was sort of insane
the larry craig guy ended up being totally harmless

Jim: hahahahaha… was she framing obama as the real murderer who killed three people with his half-kenyan tribal machetes, but then people realized she just sucks?

Elise: the plot was that these 3 guys turned up dead ( a lawyer, a gay guy, and a iraq vet). they figure out the gay guy was having sex with “larry craig”. But then (and here’s where i stopped paying attention) they realize that it was more likely “norman hsu” so they have to interview “barack obama” and “hillary clinton”. then norman hsu acts as his own lawyer and has bother of them testify, making it clear that they had motive to kill the lawyer since he (norman hsu) had contributed so much to the campaign. in the end, hillary clinton tape records norman hsu in a bathroom, which plays at trial and gets him to go a little beserk so he gets convicted. however, it is later found out that hillary clinton possibly edited the tape

Jim: exactly how much was he like “larry craig”
(I may post this g-chat as a post tomorrow)

Elise: haha
oh god

Elise: correct my spelling, please

Jim: no

Elise: fuck!


Elise: well, he was also a toe tapper
he was sort of old

Jim: was he in the closet or out of the closet or not gay at all (like larry craig)

Elise: he tried to pick up jeremy sisto!

Jim: who is that

Elise: he’s an actor who is now one of the detective on law and order
he was in clueless

Jim: didn’t they all die on law and order?
fred thompson died, jerry orbach died
he replaced which dead person?

Elise: jerry orbach-ish
there were others before him

Jim: anyway, what happened to hillary in the end? did she get away with it in the end?
even thogh you already said she didn’t?
point is: can she beat john mccain?

Elise: no, she did, actually
what happened was, when norman hsu character was on the stand
he was like “what happened to the end of the tape???”
and the defense told him that was it

Jim: i think i see the answer to the puzzle: bill richardson
he did all of this

Elise: later, hillary is talking to sam waterston
and he’s like “was there an end of the tape?”
and she very coyly walks away
which, you know, on law and order means she totally did it

Jim: but she and her evil husband bill “doctored” it
with racism

Elise: haha

Jim: damn

Elise: yeah
no no
she may have said something about vote for her
i wish i paid more attention

Jim: you didn’t watch this at all, did you? law and order isn’t even a SHOW is it?
I thought they stopped making new tv?
explain THAT

Elise: i did! i did!
uh…it’s ripped from the headlines?

Jim: what came of barack in the end?

Elise: except the part where people die

Jim: was he blamed for the mruders?

Elise: he was disgraced
wait, i forgot

Jim: forgot to ask an important question — was he black in the show?
because he’s white too

Elise: they did specifically mention hillary clinton
in relation to being accused of murder
as in, the actual name hillary clinton

Jim: oh fuck, vince foster

Elise: and yes, he was black

Jim: did they mention vince foster?

Elise: whitewater?
(i’m young, jim, forgive me)

and his death

Elise: i was going to, but i felt like i’d lose momentum

he was a counsel to the clintons in the white house, was with them in arkansas too, good friends with the clintons

Elise: sorry

Jim: and then he committed suicide in 1993
and some poeple think he was really stressed because he might have to compromise things he knew about the clintons in the investigation, out of loyalty
that hillary killed him and/or was fucking him

Elise: yes, yes, this is who they mentioned

Jim: oh my god… conspiracy theorists are writing law and order

Elise: i wonder if fred thompson writes for law and order

Jim: fred thompson doesn’t do anything
he’s a loser
but maybe i’m sure theey have plenty of crazy scripts floating around the internet of this VERY STORY

Elise: haha

Jim: what if the ultimate meta-irony is that obama is behind this episode

Elise: he didn’t look very good either

Jim: HOLLYWOOD barry probably can make it happen

Elise: i think that the point of the episode was that
while republican congressman may be a little gay

Jim: oh, so i’ve missed the entire point

Elise: at least they don’t kill people

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