Friday, August 6, 2010

To whom it may concern:

cc to all the dirty politicians of the world

I have recently committed to a hunger strike on behalf of the people.

I didn't do this out of the goodness of my soul although it may end up being just that. I like to eat and I like to enjoy.

I was eating a burrito the other day as my son-in-law insists on eating 'his way'. (Brainwashing) In about 30 minutes I had a horrific experience. I didn't know if it was a heart attack or food poisoning but right near my breast bone I had an awful pain. It eventually subsided and I dedided I was ok.

I've never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer and what I did next proves it.

It got along to be about dinner time and I ate another burrito and voila........ same experience. I decided then and there it was the hamburger. (I also experiment a lot and decided if I wasn't going to the hospital I wanted to know for sure what I was dealing with.)

It was the strangest thing as it felt like a huge army boot had been pressed against my chest with a lot of pressure. Even after the initial pain, it felt like the inside of my chest was bruised. (Sorry for this explanation but it was simply my experience.) don't try to divert me from my own diagnosis. (If you try, just ask someone who knows me and he/she will tell you JUST how stubborn I can be when I know I'm right.)

I still didn't feel well for 3 more days......... and I got the shits all over myself at least 5 times during that period.

Years ago when I was visiting Arizona from California I think I had food poisoning then as well. I would burp and the smell from the burp tasted and smelled like poop. It was one the worst experiences of my life. I decided then and there that if I had to live with that for life I would rather be dead. (and no, I have never eaten shit that I know of but I definitely know what it tastes like after that experience.)

Yesterday I pooped myself again and then I got really pissed off. The initial experience was on July 31. What the hell, am I living in a world that is poisoning me. Hey, that's NOT ok but I have already lived a full and long life I also REALLY don't like the fact that not only am I being poisoned, my grandkids are being poisoned............ hense, more PISSED!!!

I have a tendency to get really pissed and this case was no different. I went in pulled myself a bath, lit a candle, and poured myself a glass of tea. I was literally livid with anger. Had the initial episode been a heart attack, I'm pretty sure I would have drowned.

As I sat in the fluoride filled bathwater I started remineising. I remember back in the day when my parents were still alive. My dad's heart stopped beating once when he was at Jerry's restaurant in Los Banos, Ca. Daddy slumped over and the paramedics were called. I didn't know until talking to my father 2 days later that he had messed himself when this happened. hmmmmmmmmmmmm (My dad's heart eventually stopped again and he was 6 weeks in the hospital in a coma before they pulled the plug.)

As I was talking to my father he shared with me that he would rather die than to ever have to experience that humiliation again.

Now don't get me wrong, I ain't that all twisted up about it but I've never experienced it in public either. My daddy was a proud hardworking man that had tried and tried to get into the military but couldn't during WWII. He finally signed up for the Merchant Marines and went out as a chef on a boat. WHAT the hell, he saw the same actions as the military and he 'SERVED' the military only to be put down time and time again by the same people he wanted to serve with because he wasn't in the core.

Anyways enough on that for now and down to the 'BRASS' tacks of this blog.

I've done a bit of researching on Hunger Strike and I figure I have maybe a month or two before my actual demise from it or less if I give in and eat. It can be damaging to my organs and it can do damage for the rest of my life. SO, if you think I'm kidding about this think again.

I feel rather helpless in this situation, especially after watching Alex Jones last couple of videos on what's being done to our food. I also have done a lot of research on Codex Alimentarius and that scares the living shit out of me.

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 1/2 youtube

Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 2/2 youtube

Dr Rima Laibouw - Codex Alimentarius (2 of 5).flv

I am here today writing this as I don't want to wait so long that I'm not coherent.

I am asking my friends and followers on the internet to copy Vladimer Putin, Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro on this if and when my obituary shows up in the papers. (A few other world leaders as well but I won't know as my partners have their own ideas.)
But hey, I'm sure if it's going to go to Putin at any time, he'll get this same copy as you do today. I could be wrong...... I was one other time. I'm asking of these people what I feel would be ridiculed by the UN if WE were to ask them as the UN is just as corrupt as the US Government.

I would like to ask on behalf of the American people that these leaders come together and decide how to get the criminal element out of our political system and the media.

I know Russia has had problems with their own BP relationship....... and maybe there are other international companies that have not done well in Russia. (That probably pisses the hell out ot the elites, eh?P

I would like that Mr. Putin and his folks target our American media as well. I would to put the names Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck yadayadyada. I think that Mr. Putin will know from his KGB days how to go about finding the appropriate names and will do what he has to to stop the insanity.

I will suggest the congressman and sentators that know for facts that they are themselves the crooks resign immediately........... my2cents???????? ...hey, or wait and see if I live thru this and it's a bluff, maybe then you'll be safe from Putin? I don't know about you but I was raised in a climate that Russia was bad ass and dirty.

I've watched the media lately and it's all crazy. John McCain says one thing out of the right side of his mouth and exactly the opposite the next day out of the left side. Maybe he should be one of the first who resigns........ I've also thought Arlen Spechter should resign as he was on the Warren Commission and the 911 Commision I think.

I never did much like these guys that are Republicans and then become Democrats, I'm pretty sure you can't trust em.

Arlen Specter Interrogates Anita Hillyoutube

OK, back to Putin, I'm pretty sure from my following experience that there are Russian cells already pretty damn deep on US soil.....

Back 4 or 5 years ago when I was working in the mental health community and I had a peer who was living with a young Russian name of Gergon.

When I met Gergon, known as Michael at his work (Walgreens)he was very polite and very respectful and damn smart. He spoke 4 langueage fluently and he was a whiz on the internet.

Anyways, Gergon left one day for work and his girlfriend shared with me that Gergon went out on manuevers at night. hmmmmmmm, it peeked my interest and the next time we met up Gergon made light of it. (I was later to learn that Gergon HATED BILL CLINTON.) He had seen the Americans kill his grandfather right in front of their house when he was just a child.

Personally I think Gergon was over here to kill US citizens in retaliation for his painfull childhood.

Gergon's girlfriend and I talked freely about the things that had been done to US and our families. When Rachel was little in NY city her parents had been dragged out of their home in handcuffs and taken to jail because ot being Seven Day Advantists. They had been ruffed up and harassed for 2 days before let go and no charges where ever filed??????? Anyways, soon after I started seeing Rachel Gergon broke off the affair. He moved out and started drinking heavily (he was only 23) and I think the information he absorbed from Rachel and me changed his whole life and I think he realized that the American people weren't the bad guys we were made out to be.

I wonder how hard it would be to get folks like Gergon directed at the same people who killed his grandfather and away from his desire to simply attack Americans? hmmmmmmm Any resignations yet???

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