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Oh for God's Sake: US combat troops have NOT left Iraq

(It's also been said at least 7,000 contractors to be there as well

2010 August 18
by Ian Welsh
.This is positively Orwellian, and people on the progressive side should not be cooperating with it. There are still 50,000 US troops in Iraq and they include brigades which are, absolutely, combat troops. Call them “advisers”, but nothing has changed, they are combat troops.

Update: Oh hey, the plan is to double the number of mercenaries in Iraq, as well.

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Iraqi combat troop withdrawal is 'SYMBOLIC'
Yes, it is," Engel responded. "Right now we are with the last American combat troops who--and they are in the process of leaving this country right now. We are with the 4-2 Stryker Brigade. I'm broadcasting right now live from the top of a Stryker fighting vehicle. There are 440 American troops in this soon as they cross the border into Kuwait. And it is not far to the border, just about 30 miles from here. As soon as all these soldiers leave Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom, the combat mission in Iraq, will be over."

The symbolic milestone was broadcast with the help of NBC's Bloom Mobile, named after the late NBC News correspondent who died while covering the Iraq War. NBC describes the vehicle as "part tank, part satellite truck" and says it "delivers a live satellite broadcast while reporting from the field."

Global US Troop Deployment 1950-2005
Global U.S. Troop Deployment, 1950-2005Published on May 24, 2006 by Tim Kane, Ph.D. Center for Data Analysis Report #06-02 Print PDF
Download PDF

Heavy deployments of American troops to the Middle East are an essential part of the global war on terrorism. However, the duration of troop deployments has been a source of controversy within the United States. There is controversy about whether there are too many or too few soldiers in Iraq, controversy about the nature of America's geopolitical ambitions, and controversy about the impact on the families of soldiers. Much of the debate is carried on in a fact-free vacuum, lacking the context of American troops' traditional footprint around the globe for the past half-century.

US to rely on 7,000 private contractors in Iraq once 'combat' troops withdraw
Under President Barack Obama's plan to end US combat operations this month and withdraw most military forces from Iraq by October 2011, the State Department will double the number of contractors it employs there to about 7000, the officials said.

State Department spokesman Philip Crowley, confirming a report that appeared in The New York Times, said the larger force of contractors would carry out a variety of tasks.

"We will still have our own security needs to make sure our diplomats and development experts are well protected," Mr Crowley said.

"We have contractors who are guarding our embassy, and we'll have contractors who are, as they are today, helping with our mobility and helping with personal security as our diplomats move around the country."

MSNBC all stars exclusively report on last US combat troops leaving Iraq
Now we know where Rachel Maddow has been hiding these past few days: Baghdad. The MSNBC primetime star traveled to Iraq, along with embedded NBC reporter Richard Engel, to deliver an exclusive report on the final American combat troops leaving the country. Back home, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Lawrence O’Donnell rung in the special occasion.
While 50,000 non-combat troops will remain in Iraq to help rebuild the nation’s infrastructure and train the Iraqi military, this marks the definitive end of American military combat. The coverage began on NBC Nightly News, with Richard Engel breaking the story there. Engel was embedded with the troops themselves in the “Bloom-mobile,” the truck used by late NBC journalist David Bloom, who died suddenly reporting from Iraq (video from NBC’s coverage with Brian Williams here. Meanwhile, the networks primetime mainstays discussed the meaning of the departure with Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Public Affairs P.J. Crowley on MSNBC.

David Bloom wikipedia
Operation Iraqi Freedom reporting
He will be remembered for his creation of the "Bloom Mobile," an Army tank recovery vehicle retrofitted by Miramar, Florida-based company Maritime Telecommunications Network, with live television and satellite transmission equipment so he could continuously broadcast reports as troops made their way toward Baghdad. [1]

[edit] Death
Bloom was traveling with the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq when he suddenly died due to deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism. [2]

The David Bloom Award was established by the Radio & Television Association in 2006 to honor excellence in enterprise reporting. ABC World News Tonight co-anchor Bob Woodruff received the award in its first year.

[edit] Personal
Bloom considered his most passionate role that of the family man, and was survived by his wife, Melanie, and three daughters: Nicole, Christine, and Ava. The Blooms were residents of Pound Ridge, New York, at the time of his death.

Bill Clinton agrees with Bush about the New World Order youtube

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I Know I'm Not Alone lyrics
Michael Franti

Lyrics to I Know I'm Not Alone :
Whatever happen to the sun
It seems to always come
Back when we were young
We'd sing and party all night long
The season don't ever come on time no more
War paints over the years
and anger fills our tears
What happen to the sun

But I know, I know, I know I'm not alone
But I know, I know, I know I'm not alone

Everytime I read the news
I'm always more confused
Tellin' me to choose
But there's only lies to choose from
And how many died today
How many lost thier homes or shot a gun
Or a love one
What happen to our sons

But I know, I know, I know I'm not alone
And I know, I know, I know I'm not alone

I know I'm far away from home but I know I'm not alone
I know I'm far away from home but I know I'm not alone

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