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Paul Rajski formerly of Hologix
At CEIC 2010 I attended the Expert Witness Panel: Making It Stick, which I also gleaned some insight from that helped to prepare me for my own expert witness testimony. The members of the panel were Larry Daniel of Guardian Digital Forensics and Lynita Hinsch of Forensics Consulting Solutions. It was moderated by Andy Spruill of Guidance Software, Inc.

Al Booz formerly of Hologix....... hmmmmmm and Insight Venture Capitalist
Firas Raouf is a Venture Partner at OpenView Venture Partners. Prior to joining OpenView, Firas was a Venture Partner at Insight Venture Partners. Prior, Firas was the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of eEye Digital Security—an Insight portfolio company. As a member of the senior executive team and board member, Firas focused on eEye’s sales and marketing operations driving growth year after year. Firas was previously a senior consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton and a member of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group at Eli Lilly & Company where he was responsible for the research, development, and deployment of new process technologies.

Raouf holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from Northeastern University and a Masters of Engineering Management from the Thayer School at Dartmouth College.

Paul Rajski and Forensics Consulting pdf
2600 N. Central Ave.
Suite 1100
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Contact: Joan O’Meara
Phone: (602) 354-2708
11 A.M. MT, July 27, 2009
Forensics Consulting Solutions Moves to New Facility
The new offices of FCS tout state-of-the-art security systems and
redundant power systems.
Phoenix, AZ – July 27, 2009 – K.J. Kuchta, CEO of Forensics Consulting
Solutions, announced today that the offices of FCS have moved to 2600 N.
Central Ave., in the heart of downtown Phoenix’s business district.
“The new facility is a dream come true for us.” said Mr. Kuchta. “We have spared
no expense to ensure that our facility is one of the most secure in the industry. A
state-of-the-art security system has been put into place that would rival Fort

Paul Rajski, CIO for FCS, said “We, at FCS, have always prided ourselves on
maintaining a secure environment for our clients’ data, but the new offices and
data center have enabled us to achieve even higher levels of data and site

The new data center, which fills a 2,500 square foot area on the 7th floor, includes
fire-resistant walls and doors with floor-to-ceiling steel mesh embedded
throughout, and motion-activated surveillance cameras in virtually every part of
the facility.. The new evidence area includes motion sensors, FM200 firesuppression
system, and biometric security systems. The server area is equipped
with an APC InfraStruXure® server room rack and cooling storage system.
InfraStruXure® is an innovative architecture for network-critical physical
infrastructure that fully integrates power, cooling, and environmental management
within a rack-optimized design.

“This new facility has everything our clients could ask for with respect to secure
data storage,” Paul said. “We have gone to great lengths to ensure that we have a
constant power supply by utilizing redundant generators and cooling towers. The
facility is also wired to multiple city power grids, so our clients can be assured that we are up and running at all times.”

The employees of FCS will be housed on the 11th floor of the building in a separate
15,600 square foot area, which more than doubles the office space available to the
rapidly growing company.

“We have more than doubled our employee base over the last two years, so I am
thrilled to be able to offer our employees this new spacious facility” Said Mr.
Kuchta. “They have all worked very hard to help FCS become a premier end-toend
E-Discovery firm, and they deserve this beautiful new space.”
About Forensics Consulting Solutions, LLC:
Founded in 2001, Forensics Consulting Solutions LLC is a boutique consulting
firm with a global reach that includes North and South America, Europe, the
Middle East, and Asia. Working with a select group of clients, FCS has been an
integral contributor to a number of high-profile litigation and M&A activities in
recent years. Projects include the ongoing AMD v. Intel litigation and a number
of prominent private ongoing matters. For more information on FCS’s full
service E-Discovery service offering, visit

John M. (Mike) McConnell
Mike McConnell is Executive Vice President and leader of the Intelligence for Booz Allen Hamilton and is a member of the firm’s Leadership Team. Mr. McConnell previously served from 2007-2009 as U.S. Director of National Intelligence (DNI), a position of Cabinet rank under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. As DNI, Mr. McConnell served as the principal intelligence advisor to the President and as a member of the U.S. National Security Council.

Mr. McConnell’s career has spanned over 40 years focusing on international developments and foreign intelligence issues, first as a career intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy, as the Senior Intelligence Officer on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as Director of the National Security Agency, and later as Senior Vice President with Booz Allen Hamilton after retiring from the U.S. Navy as Vice Admiral after 29 years of service. Over the past few years, Mr. McConnell’s area of focus has been counter-terrorism, cyber security, counter-proliferation, and foreign intelligence. While managing the U.S. Intelligence Community, an organization of 100,000 people, he had responsibility for a global enterprise and budget of over $47B. In this capacity, Mr. McConnell had extensive interactions with the White House, the President’s Cabinet, the Congress, International Leaders, and the U.S. Business Community.

Serving first under President George H. W. Bush and later President Clinton, Mr. McConnell served as Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) from 1992-1996. He also served as a member of the senior leadership team of the Director of Central Intelligence to address major programmatic and substantive foreign intelligence issues from 1992 until 1996.

Larry Daniel
Our Staff Larry E. Daniel is a Digital Forensics Certified Practitioner and the author of the popular digital forensics blog Ex Forensis. As a computer forensics and cell phone forensics consultant working with clients throughout the US and handling all types of civil and criminal cases over the past nine years, Larry has completed over 25 capital murder cases in the USA and is our principal forensic examiner. He has testified as a qualified computer forensics expert witness in several cases, in multiple states. Larry is a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners, an Associate member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and is Chairman of the Ethics Committee for the American Society of Digital Forensics and e Discovery. Larry has spoken at SANS, Techno-Forensics, Computer Enterprise Investigations Conference, Department of Defense CyberCrime Conference, NACDL, California Advocates for Justice, Alabama CDL, American College of Forensic Examiners and numerous other conferences throughout the US. Larry has published articles in NC Jury View and Digital Forensic Investigator News (DFI News)
Larry E Daniel
Guardiandf Hanging out in Montgomery Alabama with the Alabama bureau of investigation

Information Week -Hologix
Online Ordering
Hologix software helps industries use E-commerce for attribute-based products

By Clinton Wilder

Hologix Inc., a provider of electronic-commerce software, this week will roll out Attricom, an online order-management application designed to boost online sales for companies in industries such as steel, chemicals, and textiles that don't use standard Stock-Keeping Unit numbers or Universal Product Codes.
The company's goal is to provide online catalog functionality for companies that make "attribute-based" products, in which customers order items based on properties such as the composition of steel. "We believe that the bulk of business-to-business commerce is attribute-based," says Hologix CEO Paul Rajski. "And more and more companies want to do it on the Internet."

Rajski says business-to-business online markets, such as MetalSite, E-Steel, PaperExchange and Chemdex, have raised E-commerce awareness in Hologix's target industries.

Attricom, a Java application that runs on Windows NT or Sun Solaris servers, works with Oracle or IBM DB2 databases and can be used with any browser that supports Java. The application is made up of four modules. Product Composition is used to specify attributes, such as dimensions, materials composition, and delivery dates. Order Management captures orders, processes them, and reports on their status. Customer Direct is the interface customers use to enter orders over the Internet or an extranet. Integration Framework lets Attricom send and receive Extensible Markup Language data from existing enterprise applications.

Algoma Steel Inc. in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, has installed the Product Composition module and plans to roll out Order Management next year. The steelmaker's goal is to automate a labor-intensive process involving paper manuals, 25-year-old manufacturing applications, and knowledge in the heads of the company's specification analysts.

"We'll be able to engineer the product once and after that just pull the attribute information from a knowledge database, so the person ordering just needs to specify quantity and dimensions," says Charlie Whitfield, Algoma's manager of IS and manufacturing technology. "As long as it's something we've built before, it will flow right into the system. We expect much more rapid response in filling orders and a lot fewer errors."

Insight Venture Partners is the new Twitter investor
Michael Arrington Sep 16, 2009
We’ve been talking to sources all day about that new $1 billion valuation Twitter financing, and more information is coming in. The big missing part of the story was who was actually doing the investing at that massive valuation.

The primary investor in the deal, we’ve heard from a source with knowledge of the transaction, is New York-based Insight Venture Partners, which has raised over $3 billion since being founded in 1995. They were (or rather their founders were) early investors in Photobucket, which was acquired by News Corp./MySpace in 2007 for around $250 million.

What’s not clear is if Twitter is capping the round at $50 million. One source says they may raise more. With that valuation, who’d blame them? Not me.

Booz/Allen/Hamilton history
Learn More
Helping Clients Envision the Future (Booz Allen's 90th Anniversary book)
In 1914, Edwin Booz had an idea. He believed that companies would be more successful if they could call on someone outside their own organizations for expert, impartial advice. In doing so, he created a new profession — management consulting — and the firm that would bear his name, Booz Allen Hamilton.

In our role as consultants, Booz Allen has been privileged to see, take part in, and catalyze many key events in the spheres of both business and government. We have been involved in the emergence of modern corporations in the 1920s and 1930s, the Allied mobilization in World War II, the beginning and end of the Cold War, the dawn of the Space Age, the evolution of the personal computer, the breakup of old telephone systems and the creation of new ones, early public-private sector work in the European Union, the emergence of strong economies in Asia and South America, the waves of deregulation in the 1980s, the movement of environmental protection, and the birth of the modern US National Football League.

In addition, we have been witness to or participant in the reunification of Germany, the Gulf Wars, the response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the rise and fall of business cycles, and dramatic shifts in the ways that commerce, war, and peace have been conducted.

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