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Johnny Gosch and Valerie Plame
Gannon, a.k.a. Gosch, was responsible for the Valerie Plame White House leak that allegedly caused 70 CIA undercover agents to be murdered.

Johnny Gosch and Michael Chertoff and Alberto Gonsalves
The Special Prosecutor became aware that D.C. Escort Service operative, Jeff Gannon most likely alias Johnny Gosch, received the secret details directly from George W. Bush himself, either upstairs in the White House or across the street in an Executive office building.

Gannon trained in whorehouse services as a penetration agent for a super-secret U.S. agency, was an expert in torture techniques called S-M. Gannon alias Gosch became a top-level consultant on torture methods to Alberto Gonzales, who was soft-ball questioned about this when being affirmed as the new U.S. Attorney General. Gonzales had informed Bush that torture was most likely okay since the "terrorists" were not, he claimed, subject to the Geneva Conventions for humane treatment of war prisoners.

Just like Chandra Levy, another woman who could have exposed some of D.C.'s darker secrets, who seven years to the day before Palfrey was apparently murdered, disappeared on May 1, 2001. May 1st is a satanic holiday called "Beltane", dedicated to human sacrifice. It is also the birthday of the Order of the Illuminati. This date was likely chosen in both murders as a sign to those in the know, the elitists, a large number of them satanists. There will probably never be an honest investigation into the Palfrey case. The truth about what really happened to Deborah Palfrey could reveal the truth about so many other deceptions generated by the government-media complex. For this and so many other reasons, we must demand an honest investigation into what really happened to Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

GAIA and Al Gore
Posted: October 06, 2002
Anyone who has studied the global environmental movement has no doubt heard the term "Gaia". Gaia is a revival of Paganism that rejects Christianity, considers Christianity its biggest enemy, and views the Christian faith as its only obstacle to a global religion centered on Gaia worship and the uniting of all life forms around the goddess of "Mother Earth". A cunning mixture of science, paganism, eastern mysticism, and feminism have made this pagan cult a growing threat to the Christian Church. Gaia worship is at the very heart of today's environmental policy. The Endangered Species Act, The United Nation's Biodiversity Treaty and the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development are all offspring of the Gaia hypothesis of saving "Mother Earth". This religious movement, with cult-like qualities, is being promoted by leading figures and organizations such as former Vice President Albert Gore, broadcaster Ted Turner, and the United Nations and it's various NGO's. Al Gore's book "Earth in the Balance" is just one of many books that unabashedly proclaims the deity of Earth and blames the falling away from this Pagan God on the environmentally unfriendly followers of Jesus Christ. The United Nations has been extremely successful in infusing the "Green Religion" into an international governmental body that has an increasing affect and control over all of our lives.

War is on Illuminati terms and times cuttingedge
War Beginning: President Bush began this war at 05:50 Baghdad time, on March 20, 2003, according to occult considerations, listed below:

* March 20, 2003 was an occult day, for the following reasons:

1. March 20 was the eve of Ostara -- March 21, 2003 is beginning of the Spring Equinox (Ostara)! Occultists worship the goddess of the earth (Gaia) on this day. The celebration, the Feast Day, is held on March 20, with actual ritual occurring on the 21st. In the occult mindset, this ritual celebrates the impregnation of Mother Earth so she may bring forth her crops in the Spring.

This Vernal Equinox is a Spring Fertility Rite, copied from the Satanic Druids. The deepest meaning is a "rebirthing" ceremony; what is it that this war is to "birth"? Antichrist, of course!

A blood sacrifice is required, as the sacrificial blood of the animal is poured into the ground, to spite God because of the Cain/Abel dispute. Remember the Scripture?

"And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper? And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground. And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood from thy hand." [Gen 4:9-11]

To spite God on this day, Black Magick Satanists slaughter their animal and/or human sacrifice and purposely pour the blood into the ground. This day is extremely important to the Illuminist. Given the bloody nature of these two days, it seems fitting that they would be chosen to be the first official two days of this campaign.

Beltane wikipedia
EXCERPT:Beltane or Beltaine (in English pronounced /ˈbɛltən/) is the anglicised spelling of Old Irish Beltain (Irish Bealtaine Irish pronunciation: [ˈbʲal̪ˠt̪ˠənʲə], Scottish Gaelic Bealltainn [ˈbʲal̪ˠt̪ˠənʲ]), the Gaelic name for either the month of May or the festival that takes place on first day of May.

Real Terrorists
It was the Franklin Scandal that told us how bad it was. A case is made against two American presidents as pedophiles, not just them but hundreds of others including dozens of prominent members of congress. “Franklin” went after the GOP and their weakness, phony Christianity, phony “family values” and the love of young boys. We know it isn’t just the GOP and Pentagon but Franklin taught us how far America could go to cover up well documented crimes, how much control there is over, not only the criminal justice system but the news media as well.

Franklin Coverup Hoax wikipedia
LaRouche followers Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin also wrote about the Franklin Credit Union scandal and its alleged connection to the Washington prostitution ring in a book titled George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography. The book was published by Executive Intelligence Review in 1992.[14]

More allegations of a coverup came to light when a 56-minute documentary film about King's alleged child prostitution ring titled Conspiracy of Silence,[15] produced in 1993 by Yorkshire Television, surfaced on the Internet. The film features an interview with former CIA director William Colby, numerous members of the Nebraska state legislature including John DeCamp, and more than one alleged victim in the case.

In 2009, a new book by investigative journalist Nick Bryant was published about the scandal and alleged coverup. The book is titled: The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal.

Franklin Scandal Story Powerbrokers Betrayal
This review is from: The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal (Hardcover)
Nick Bryant's book is an excellent, even-handed investigation of a decades old scandal that is still being covered up to this day, and rewards the reader with even greater levels of detail and corroboration than the previous books on the subject (Franklin Cover-up and Carefully Crafted Hoax, both written well over a decade ago). Witness after witness corroborates the story of child trafficking and prostitution used to blackmail and ensnare powerful politicians, and the blatantly obvious cover-up that was "carefully crafted" by the FBI, law enforcement and the media. Readers of ex-Senator John DeCamp's book were probably already completely convinced of the corruption and cover-up surrounding Franklin, but Bryant's book nails that point home with even greater corroboration and updated information from the past few years. I would consider this book required reading and recommend it to everyone! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews
"Franklin Scandal.", September 5, 2009
By Elliott - See all my reviews

This review is from: The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal (Hardcover)
The Franklin Scandal is a comprehensive account of how a few, powerful, conceited individuals can abuse children, strip them of there dignity, leave them voiceless, and then hide their evil deeds through a campaign of fear, intimidation and bribes. Nick Bryant is one of the few individuals who has had the resolve to stand up to these bullies and not be intimidated to write this gut-wrenching story. People can't believe something this sinister could happen in the "Heartland," Omaha, Nebraska. However, as a youth, I remember hearing warnings that I should "stay away" from Alan Baer's Brandeis department store. If people in Omaha knew about Alan Baer's pandering, why didn't someone do anything about it? I dare you to read this book. Read, not only Nick's stories, but, also, read the actual notes from the trials and the original documents found in the appendices. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

This review is from: The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal (Hardcover)
"Deep politics" is scholar Peter Dale Scott's term for historical machinations such as drug-running and assassinations which form covert if systemic features of the contemporary state and which are all-too naively dismissed as "conspiracy theories." A number of people who study such matters seriously have long suspected that the scandal centering on Omaha, Nebraska's Franklin Credit Union in the 1970s and `80s forms the conceptual linchpin to a truly critical understanding of the perverse, brutal and predatory nature of power in late-imperial America. Having read former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp's brave if somewhat desultory 1992 book on the subject, THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP, and watched the unaired British television documentary CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE on the internet, we have also sensed, with a certain despair, that the nature and details of this scandal were so shocking, ugly, confusing and strange as to forever defy broader public credulity and scrutiny. It is with a profound sense of relief, admiration and gratitude, then, that one reads Nick Bryant's THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL, which accomplishes the seemingly impossible: an eminently gripping, thorough and accessible account of perhaps the grimmest aspect of contemporary U. S. history.

It is amusing to see the sole negative reviewer on these pages (as of this writing) suggest that Bryant has gullibly relied only on the apparent victims of the scandal, when in fact the author has taken pains to bolster accusations voiced in his book with the testimony of law-enforcement, governmental, mental health, legal and social-service officials, as well as journalists and others whose professions and/or personal relationships brought them into the orbit of this lurid story.

Anything but the ramblings of a susceptible naïf, Bryant's book appears as a model of journalistic integrity and a triumph of the investigative craft. Relying on official court and law enforcement documents and an extensive array of interviews with those involved in a variety of aspects of the scandal, it conveys a massive amount of carefully corroborated and meticulously researched data while maintaining all the tension and drama of the very best true-crime narratives. Bryant's own natural skepticism allows him to ultimately ground what appear to be Franklin's most far-fetched elements--Satanism, mind control, and the trafficking of children among our nation's elite for the purpose of sex--in an historical context that casts these admittedly outlandish phenomena in an intelligible and empirical light. Bryant's treatment of these subjects is deft, and his light touch and firm command of the overall material combine to a disarming effect that is sure to challenge all but the most recalcitrant of doubters.

While it provides well over a hundred pages of documentation in support of its disturbing thesis that there appears to be validity to the wrenching accusations of gravely scurrilous behavior on the part of an elite element in our society, among the other merits of Bryant's book is that it dispels certain myths that have accrued about Franklin over the years, even as it deepens our understanding of little-appreciated aspects of the story, such as Alicia Owen's protracted legal nightmare. The author's treatment of the scandal is highly comprehensive, but also circumspect; aficionados will want to consult DeCamp's THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP to fill in the names of certain apparent perpetrators, a few of whose identities Bryant--unable to finally track down every source he pursued over the several years he has worked on this story--only alludes to. (As the skeptical reader will no doubt appreciate, Bryant does not overstep his bounds, though given the vast amount of information he has collected, he hardly needs to.) There are certain other details found in DeCamp's book, pertaining for example to the exact nature of the extreme abuse apparently suffered by certain victims, which Bryant does not reiterate; given the acute nature of these violations, Bryant's overall eschewal of the sensational, and his palpable concern and respect for the victims' dignity, this elision appears understandable, especially as these horrific accounts have found a life of their own on the Web. This said, the author's description of the abuse conveys its iniquity, and there is much in this book that will be new to readers of DeCamp, who as an attorney close to the case lacks Bryant's journalistic precision, clarity, sense of narrative structure, and critical distance. This is not said to detract from DeCamp's compelling book, but to point out that Bryant brings a great deal that is new to this important story.

In all, this is an enraging book, and toward its conclusion the reader reels in disgust at its main point: the subsequent abuse suffered by victims when they were subjected to the federal and state legal systems during the cover-up phase of the scandal. What this suggests about the state of our public institutions is one of the most disturbing aspects of this book. Still, aside from a cast of shameless villains there are heroes and heroines who emerge in the story, whose efforts in the face of obdurate corruption, selfishness and cruelty are--though it might seem a trite word in this context--inspiring. That these examples of human fortitude and decency finally have the chronicler in Mr. Bryant that they deserve is enough to reaffirm the faith in our species that this book otherwise shakes to its core.

Bryant's account of the Franklin scandal joins David Ray Griffin's extensive analyses of 9/11 and James Bamford's exposures of military-industrial and intelligence agency malfeasance as one of the most important historical documents of our time. In its own way, given the extremities of the depravity it confronts THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL is, if possible, even bolder than those valiant efforts. It is most highly recommended to anyone willing to face vicious realities that too many others remain too complacent, timorous or arrogant to acknowledge. It is must-reading for those seeking to comprehend the madness of our cultural moment, and who yearn for an example of a meaningful and courageous response to it.

NY Times

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