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Aon Corp scandal
Ghana & Nigeria insurers and others in 14 countries have been implicated in Aon’s 7.5 million pounds illegal earnings in its overseas insurance operations between 2005 and 2007.
Since becoming regulated by UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA), Aon - a leading global provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage - had failed to review its processes, particularly, its energy reinsurance business in overseas countries. But, it took steps in June 2007 to notify relevant authorities such as the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) of suspicious payments made by some of its units dealing with overseas partners.

Aon Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of US-based Aon Corporation, is one of UK’s largest insurance brokerage firms.

Wikileaks releases four hundred thousand Iraq war docs -Geoff Morrell
Defense department press secretary Geoff Morrell was more direct. "We deplore WikiLeaks for inducing individuals to break the law, leak classified documents and then cavalierly share that secret information with the world, including our enemies," he said in a statement.

Geoff S. Morrell wikipedia
Morrell married Aon Corporation executive Ann Kuesel June 29, 2002 and resides in Washington with Ann and their twin daughters, Catherine and Clare

AON and Spitzer scandal
Aon Agrees to Pay $190 million to Settle Spitzer Allegations

Aon Corporation, the nation’s second largest insurance brokerage, has entered into an agreement to resolve allegations of fraud and anti-competitive practices. The agreement was announced March 4 New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and Acting New York State Insurance Superintendent Howard Mills, together with Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Illinois Acting Director of Insurance Deirdre Manna.

The agreement with Aon was modeled after an earlier agreement reached January 31 with the nation's largest insurance broker, Marsh & McLennan Companies, for $850 million.

Under the agreement, the Chicago-based Aon Corporation is providing $190 million over a 30- month period for restitution to policyholders and is adopting a new business model designed to avoid conflicts of interest. In addition, Aon's Chairman and CEO, Patrick G. Ryan, will issue a public statement apologizing for Aon's improper conduct according to the statement issued by Spitzer's office.

Aon Settles Probe (Spitzer press release 3/4/05)

Aon Settles Corruption Probe With 3 States (Insurance Journal 3/4/05)

Top NewsRead More .Aon Corp. Q2 2010 Earnings Call Transcript Jul 30, 2010
Aon Corp. ( AOC ) Q2 2010 Earnings Call July 30, 2010 08:30 am ET Complete Story » Read More
from Transcripts from Seeking Alpha
Aon volatility flat into $4.9B purchase of Hewitt Associates Jul 12, 2010
See the rest of the story here . is Wall Street's specialist in breaking equity news. Veteran traders build a proprietary feed of news that's faster and more relevant than any other... Read More

Mass mutual sues insurers over Madoff
Tremont, a fund of funds in Rye, N.Y., that had about $3.3 billion invested with Madoff, is owned by OppenheimerFunds Inc., a unit of MassMutual Financial Group. Investors have filed more than 18 lawsuits against MassMutual, seeking to recoup Madoff-related losses.

Oppenheimer and the Rothschilds
The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are only two of thirteen controlling families of the Illuminati. (52) Two Jewish families that appear to be prominent are the Oppenheims and the Oppenheimers. A. Oppenheim was situated in Cologne. The Oppenheimers were early members of the Bavarian Illuminati. The Bund der Gerechten (League of the Just) was an illuminati front run mainly by Jews who were Satanists. This Bund financed in part by the Rothschilds paid the Satanist and Mason Karl Marx to write the Communist Manefesto. The Jew Gumpel Oppenheim was in the inner circle of the Bund. His relative Heinrich Oppenheim masterminded the communist revolution of 1848 in Germany. The Communist Party's official histories even accept the Bund as the predecessor of Communism.

The Oppenheimers apparently are close to the Rothschilds. J. Robert Oppenheimer of the CFR was exposed as a communist. Harry Oppenheimer, an international banker, is chairman of the Jewish De Beers world-wide diamond monopoly, and chairman of the Anglo-American Corp. Oppenheimers can be found in important financial positions in the U.S. They help run around 10 large foundations, including the Oppenheimer Haas Trust of NY for the care of needy Jewish children.

Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company wikipedia
In September 2001, the company's OppenheimerFunds subsidiary offices--residing in Two World Trade Center--were destroyed as a result of the terrorists attacks made against the United States. The subsidiary did not lose a single employee and recovered quite well, posting strong results along with its parent company for the year. Believing that diversification played a key role in its success during difficult economic times, MassMutual continued to move on that front. Its strategy for the future was centered around innovation and new product development, global expansion, and customer satisfaction. In 2001 assets under management reached $234 billion.[2]

Weddings Ann Kuesel-Geoffrey Morrell
Ann Margaret Kuesel and Geoffrey Stephen Morrell were married yesterday evening at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Milwaukee. Msgr. Francis X. Mulhall, a great-uncle of the bridegroom, performed the ceremony.

Mrs. Morrell, 36, is the vice president for human resources of Aon Consulting Worldwide, the insurance company in Chicago. She graduated from the College of the Holy Cross and received a law degree from Marquette University.

She is a daughter of Mary Ellen Kuesel of Mequon, Wis., and the late John T. Kuesel. Her father was a vice president of the First Wisconsin Trust Company in Milwaukee and a founding director and owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, the National Basketball Association team. Her mother is a financial planner in Mequon.

Milwaukee NAACP scandal
(video) Milwaukee NAACP Meeting Chaos
Posted by tmdreaders on September 20, 2010 · 6 Comments

Just be thankful for technology. Take a look at this brief video of Wendell Harris quiting on the NAACP and his run for the office of president of the local chapter. Then look at the chaos of all these negroes trying to shut down the meeting or run up to the front to talk. Milwaukee … Read more

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NAACP Insiders: Henry Hamilton III Complaint Tossed Out Of Court
Posted by Giant on August 3, 2010 · Leave a Comment

I still cannot understand why this isn’t really a story in the Black Media (radio or print). Clearly, there are some issues at the local branch of the NAACP. Where is the reporting on this? Or is all this just some noise that people are pretending they cannot hear? HENRY HAMILTON III’S FEEBLE ATTEMPT TO … Read more

Manipulation of social consciousness through mass media
By Saida Arifkhanova
Online Journal Guest Writer

Oct 22, 2010, 00:20
Information is an important part of modern human life. Information is becoming a more significant element of modern life along with education and the way people interact with information today to a greater extent defines the level of their existence.

Possession of information and education in 21-century determine a modern person’s status in society. Along with the sphere of education, information field determines the fields of labour and economy and influences the sphere of state politics. Manipulation of information and also manipulation of social consciousness in our age are becoming a technology of programming people’s behavior. Manipulating society one can destroy certain ideas in people’s minds and on their ruins create new ideas and fundamentals, for example of a new ideology.

Telecommunications system as a major joint of channels of information delivery obtains dominating place in human environment. “Manipulation of information is akin to disinformation . . .” scholar Vladimir Volkov writes in his “History of Disinformation.” He writes that manipulation as destruction has three aims:

Demoralization of the nation by disintegration of groups making it up

Discrediting of authorities and their values

Neutralization of masses to prevent all forms of spontaneous behavior in favour of the rules set and at a certain moment to peacefully bring to power a small group of people.
Another researcher Sergey Kara-Murza in his book “Manipulation of consciousness” marks out three major features of manipulation:

AOC (AON) stocks

1.1.The Astor Bloodline
2.2.The Bundy Bloodline
3.3.The Collins Bloodline
4.4. The DuPont Bloodline
5.5.The Freeman Bloodline
6.6.The Kennedy Bloodline
7.7.The Li Bloodline
8.8.The Onassis Bloodline
9.9.The Reynolds bloodline
110.The Rockefeller Bloodline
11. The Rothschild Bloodline
12. The Russell Bloodline
13. The Van Duyn Bloodline

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